I am delighted to share with you, Tropicales by Cita. These collections are an expression of who I am and represent a feeling and experience that I hope to capture in the form of my handcrafted designs.
This journey has roots going back generations which have captured my heart.
I come from a blended Cuban and Dominican family, which has allowed me to experience some of the Carribean's most wonderful cultures. 
The artistic influence that my home, family, travels, and friends have had on my personal style is what is allowing me to tell my story through Tropicales.
This was further realized growing up and watching my mother, an accomplished interior designer, transform spaces into beautiful works of art. I would accompany her all over South Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America on her various projects. It was exciting and reinforced that I needed to be part of that world.
In particular, her personal art collection with vibrant colors and ethnic mix made me dream and inspired my fashion design background. It kindled my spirit and affection for the artisan tropical creations that I envision today.
It is important for me to design using a mix of natural, tropical elements. I love working with hemp and use shells, exotic feathers, seeds, wood, horn, bone, and more. With these, I combine hand carved and painted flowers, parrots and fish pieces, as well as Swarovski crystals.
This is the path that I'm still traveling down, and which I hope to share with you.