Moonlight Sonata
Moonlight Sonata

Tropicales by Cita

Moonlight Sonata

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A sandy walk with the reflection of the moon on the water that matches your earrings and sparkle in your eyes.

  • 3.25" L
  • Mother of pearl
  • Natural Wood & Gemstones
  • Silver Accents & Postbacks

When wearing or removing your jewelry please handle with care, as all my jewelry is handmade. They are delicate and often include fragile elements like gemstones or shell that can crack or break, so please handle lovingly. Also, understand that our vintage elements may have wear, but that is part of the charm. Please be careful with our wrapped hemp pieces, as makeup on hemp is hard to clean. Due to the nature of shell, stone, hand-carved wood, or handpainted pieces, please understand there might be a slight variation in color and/or size.